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* My 10 Favorite Posts *
The following is a list of my favorite posts beginning with my reflections on bearing witness to animal affect and agency (1-2), followed by a critique of the colonization of human and animal other bodies (3-6), and concluding with a call to move beyond vegetarian consumption and single-issue animal rights campaigns toward solidarity with other struggles against the political and economic structures of oppression (7-10). [2012]
  1. On Veganism, Love, and Forgiveness
  2. Confessions from a Sanctuary *
  3. Skinny Bitch and Bulimic Vegetarians *
  4. Social(ist) Animals: Toward Mutual Aid against the Great Butcher
  5. The Racial and Colonial Politics of Meat-Eating (Part 1) *
  6. The Racial and Colonial Politics of Meat-Eating (Part 2) *
  7. Privilege: The U.S. Vegan Movement, Whiteness ( Part 2)
  8. Privilege: The U.S. Vegan Movement, Whiteness (Part 5)
  9. Veganism as Intersectional Social Justice
  10. A Critique of Consumption-Centered Veganism *

    Revisiting HEALTH (2013)
      Re-assessing Animal Rights: Resources
    • The History and Politics of the ADM
    • The Limits of Vegetarian Outreach
    • The Problem with Analogies to Human Oppression
    • Critiques of Non-Profit Campaigns and Conferences
    • The Intersections of Human and White Privilege in the ADM
    • Critiques of Allyship, Intersectionality, and Privilege
    • Animal Rights Dead Ends, blogs, and books..
    • The Evolution of a Vision (2005-2008)
    • The Evolution of a Visions (2008-2013)
    • Neoliberalism, Governmentality, and Structural Violence

    Critical Vegan Theory (2011)

    New Animal Theory Books (2012-14)

    Skinny Bitch and Bulimic Vegetarians (2009)
      Skinny Bitch and Bulimic Vegetarians:
    • Introduction
    • "I am a vegetarian: I don't eat meat... or anything for that matter."
    • I Love them Bitches: Don't Have a Cow, You Fat Pig, LOL!
    • PETA: People Encouraging Teen Anorectics?
    • Lettuce Entertain You: Vegetarianism is the New Black
    • Toward Radical Vegan Outreach: Out with Mainstream Advocacy, in with Alliance Politics
    • A Healthy Conclusion

    The Racial and Colonial Politics of Meat-Eating (2008)
      Part 1:
    • Introduction
    • Ethnocentric Nutrition, Identity
    • McWorld: Columbus, Cattle, and Colonialism
    • Colonialism: Domestication to Genocide
    • Part 2:
    • Colonialism: Cattle, Class, and Hunger
    • Being Worked Like Animals and Treated Like Meat
    • Making a Killing: Malnutrition and the Corporation
    • Conclusion

    Moving Animals: Spectacular Animal Films (2010)
      Part 1:
    • Moving Animals, Animal Affect, and Effective Movies
    • 1. To Love or Kill: Man vs. Animal (HBO 1996, 60min)
    • 2. Peaceable Kingdom (Tribe of Heart 2004, 77min)
    • Part 2:
    • 3. The Animals Film (Beyond the Frame 1981, 137min)
    • 4. Behind the Mask (Uncaged Films, ARME 2006, 72min)
    • 5. You Mommy Kills Animals (Indie Genius Productions 2007, 105min)
    • .. Meet Your Meat (PETA 2003, 13min)
    • .. The Meatrix (Free Range Studios 2003, 3min)
    • General Conclusion

    Natural Law: Species, State, Commodities, and Community (2009-10)

    The Identity Politics of Breasts: Male Lactation and the Political Economy of Wo/Man (2009)

    Privilege: The U.S. Vegan Movement, Whiteness, and Race Relations (2008-09)
      Part 1:
    • Are Animals the New Slaves?
    • What Went Wrong?
    • Racism, Speciesism, and Cross-racial Misunderstanding
    • Are human-animal juxtapositions reductionistic?
    • Part 2:
    • Animal Rights or Animal Whites?
    • Animal White Supremacists?
    • Vegan Colonialism
    • One Word: Empathy
    • Part 3:
    • A Colorful Movement: Debunking the White Lie of White Exceptionalism
    • Making us Invisible: The Epistemology of Ignorance
    • The White Activist's Burden: Engaging the "Other"
    • Part 4:
    • Killing Us Softly: Narratives of Alienation
    • With Us or against Us –or- “Sit Down and Shut Up, Little Brown Girl”
    • Part 5:
      [ * ]
    • Eating the Other: "Exotic" Food Fetishes
    • Are Vegans Oppressed?
    • The Police & White Privilege
    • Freeganism: The Privilege of Free Food?
    • Classism & Consumer Advocacy
    • Toward a Mutual Trust: Veganism as a Safe Place
    • Review:
    • Table of Contents
    • Why analogizing human and animal exploitation/oppression often produces outrage and not empathy:
    • How do POC see vegans and AR activists (in general)?
    • How do some white advocates alienate advocates of color from working together?
    • How do (white) vegan and ARAs become better activists and allies?
    • Additional Resources
    • Blogs and other things related to Vegans of Color
    • Notes and Acknowledgments

    The Origins of HEALTH: (2008)

    Miscellaneous (2009-2013)